About Bates Apparel

Welcome to our corner of the online world, where creativity meets quality and personalized service meets your unique needs. At Bates Apparel, we're proud to call Middle Tennesssee our home—a city synonymous with the heart and soul of music. Just like Middle Tennessee's diverse and dynamic spirit, we bring a range of services to cater to your individual or business requirements.

Our journey began with a passion for providing top-notch screen printing, embroidery, banners, and signs. Inspired by the vibrant energy of Music City, we've crafted a space where your ideas come to life, whether it's through custom leather patches, vinyl banners supporting local teams, or embroidered items for personal or business branding.

screen printing near me by bates apparel

We work with the highest quality inks and fabrics.

embroidery near me by bates apparel


Over 20 years of experience working with high-quality thread

Signs and Banners near me by Bates Apparel

Signs and Banners

High-quality vinyl and plastic used to make these well-priced banners and signs

leather patch hats near me by Bates Apparel

Leather Patches

High-quality "leather" patches for apparel and hats with brands like Richardson

In the rhythm of Middle Tennessee's bustling creativity, we've honed our craft to offer not just products but experiences. From local schools looking to showcase team pride to businesses seeking effective promotional materials, we understand the diverse needs that make Middle Tennessee unique. Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and a touch of southern charm define the essence of Bates Apparel.

As a part of this thriving community, we're dedicated to providing you with the best-in-class solutions. So, whether you're strolling down Broadway or navigating the digital landscape, know that Bates Apparel is here to add a dash of Middle Tennessee flair to your custom creations.

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