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Our Services in Smithville, TN

We provide a wide variety of opportunities for you to promote your business or special event

Screen Printing in Smithville, TN

Looking to make a lasting impression? Look no further! Bates Apparel in Smithville, TN is your premier destination for Screen Printing services.

We’re here to help you create a unique identity for your brand, products, and services. From Single Custom T-shirt printing to Bulk Team Shirt Printing, we cater to both individuals and businesses.

We’ve been helping customers since 2013, transforming potential clients into loyal patrons.

Bates Apparel employee screen printing a shirt in Smithville, TN

Why People Choose Screen Printing in Smithville, TN

Events and Fundraisers in DeKalb County

For each type of event, we design and screenprint the best artwork. We provide assistance to you, whether you want to launch your product or support a cause like raising money for a school team or organization.

We here at Bates Apparel take great pleasure in our outstanding services and first-rate workmanship. We provide you with top-notch t-shirt printing services, giving you the most for your money.

Money from a fundraiser by Bates Apparel with a local school in Smithville, TN
A local business owner that worked with us for promotional clothing to give out in Smithville, TN

Promotional Apparel and Personal Branding

Captivate your potential customers and leave a lasting impression with our range of promotional apparel. We understand the significance of creating memorable connections.

The promotional clothing we create for you isn’t just clothing; it’s a powerful marketing tool. Whether you’re attending trade shows, launching new products, or hosting events, our apparel transforms your brand into a walking billboard.

Sports Teams and Uniforms in Smithville

Elevate your team spirit with our premier screen printing services tailored for sports teams and uniforms.

At Bates Apparel, we understand the importance of showcasing team pride with high-quality, customized apparel. Our advanced screen printing technology ensures vivid and durable designs on a variety of sportswear, from jerseys to warm-up gear.

Whether you're gearing up for the big game or looking to enhance the professional image of your sports team, our expertise in athletic apparel printing guarantees standout designs that unite and inspire.

Local Sports team in Smithville, TN that got jerseys from Bates Apparel

With attention to detail and a commitment to top-notch quality, we're your go-to partner for creating a winning look on and off the field. Join forces with Bates Apparel in Smithville and let your team's identity shine through every stitch and print.

Why Choose Our Screen Printing Services in Smithville, TN

  • Thirteen Years of Excellence: With over thirteen years of experience, we’ve honed our craft.
  • Best Value for Money: Whether it’s a few t-shirts or a bulk order, we offer affordable rates.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Bold Prints and Bold Designs: We employ cutting-edge screen printers in our screen print shops, resulting in excellent print quality. As a result, you can only count on the highest-quality prints and designs from us. We treat both business and private clients equally. Hence, no order is too big or too small for us, whether you want to give a custom T-shirt as a gift to your loved ones or need custom T-Shirts for events.
  • The More You Order, The Cheaper They’ll Be: No order is too small; we cater to both corporate and individual clients.
  • On-Time Delivery: We value your time and commitment and ensure prompt delivery.

Embroidery in Smithville, TN

Our skilled embroidery specialists in Smithville, TN, combine craftsmanship and technology to add depth, texture, and sophistication to your apparel.

From custom-embroidered logos and monograms to intricate designs, our attention to detail and use of premium threads result in elegant and long-lasting embroidery that adds a professional touch to uniforms, corporate apparel, accessories, and more.

Your search for a group of good embroiderers that you can work with and have faith in is over! Contact us now, and we can get started on a free quote for what you're looking for!

The embroidery machine that Bates Apparel uses in Smithville, TN

Why People Choose Embroidery in DeKalb County

Custom-Embroidered Hats For Your Business in Smithville, TN

These days, we put logos on a wide range of caps. The brim of the hat is essentially the only place we cannot place one. If not, pick center back, right eye, left eye, right ear, or center front. Your unique hat embroidery will be applied where you tell us to. If two sites are insufficient, you can add additional ones for a modest fee.

Custom-embroidered hats are a popular and affordable option for promotions, business events, thank-you gifts, and incentives.

There are many different types of custom-embroidered hats, including Richardson 112 adjustable, bucket, fitted, and Flexfit, to mention a few. Custom embroidery typically goes on the front of the hat and is limited to a height of 2.25 inches.

Embroidered hat done by Bates Apparel in Smithville, TN

At Bates Apparel, we’ve perfected the art of hat embroidery, allowing you to transform ordinary hats into exceptional pieces of wearable art. Our expert embroiderers combine precision, creativity, and state-of-the-art technology to bring your designs to life with unmatched clarity and vibrancy.

A few embroidered sports teams hats done by Bates Apparel in Smithville, TN

Custom-Embroidered Sports Team Hats

Embroidery has become immensely popular in the realm of hats and sports teams, adding a touch of sophistication and identity to team apparel. Hats, in particular, are iconic accessories that serve as powerful branding tools for sports teams.

Embroidering team logos, emblems, or names onto hats not only reinforces team unity but also creates a lasting visual impact. The three-dimensional, textured quality of embroidery gives hats a premium look and feel, making them sought-after merchandise for fans. This trend extends to various sports, from baseball and football to basketball and beyond.

Whether it's a professional team or a local league, embroidery on hats enhances team spirit and elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of sports team merchandise.

Personalized Branding and Special Gifts

For businesses and organizations, custom hat embroidery is an invaluable branding tool. Your logo or message takes center stage, helping to boost brand visibility and recognition.

Whether it’s for employee uniforms, promotional giveaways, or corporate gifts, embroidered hats make a statement.

Personalization isn’t limited to logos. Express your individuality with custom-embroidered hats.

From monograms to favorite quotes, our embroidery services allow you to create hats that are uniquely yours. It’s a stylish way to stand out in a crowd and make a lasting impression.

A personalized gifted embroidered for a customer by Bates Apparel in Smithville, TN

What is 3-D Embroidery?

To give your embroidered pattern more depth and dimension, add puffy foam behind it. Bates Apparel is now happy to provide this service in Smithville, TN, as this trend has recently grown to be highly popular. Simpler patterns work better with puffy foam.

Two hats with 3-D Embroidery done by Bates Apparel in Smithville, TN

We’re pleased to provide this 3-dimensional (3D) embroidery option for hats and caps. We refer to it as “puffy foam” in our shop. The process has been tested, and the research and development phase is complete.

To give the embroidery a raised appearance, foam is layered beneath the top layer of embroidery.

Although not all designs are suitable for 3D embroidery, if they are, we can make them look fantastic for you. Larger designs with fewer details tend to work better.

Please specify in the remarks box when sending us your design for a free evaluation that you are interested in 3D embroidery so that we can correctly access your graphic.

Why Choose Our Embroidery Services in Smithville, TN

  • Exceptional Craftsmanship: Our embroidery services in Smithville boast top-notch craftsmanship, ensuring precision and attention to detail in every stitch.
  • Versatile Customization: Enjoy a wide range of customization options, from logos and brand names to intricate designs, tailored to suit your unique preferences.
  • Premium Materials: We use only the finest materials, ensuring the longevity and durability of our embroidered products.
  • Long-Lasting Quality: Embroidery is one of the apparel personalization methods that lasts the longest!
  • Professional Branding: Elevate your brand's image with professionally embroidered logos and designs that make a lasting impression.
  • Diverse Product Range: Explore a diverse selection of apparel, including shirts, jackets, and hats, available for expert embroidery.
  • Quick Turnaround: Benefit from our efficient and timely services, providing you with personalized, embroidered items in no time.
  • No Minimum Orders: Whether you need one item or a bulk order, our no minimum order requirement ensures flexibility for businesses and individuals alike.
  • Attention to Customer Preferences: We prioritize your vision, working closely with you to bring your ideas to life and meet your specific embroidery needs.
  • Competitive Pricing: Enjoy competitive and transparent pricing, ensuring affordability without compromising on the quality of our embroidery services.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we go the extra mile to exceed your expectations, delivering embroidered products that delight.

Vinyl Banners and Signs in Smithville, TN

Custom vinyl banners and yard signs in Smithville, TN are powerful tools that have long been harnessed by businesses and event organizers to convey their messages, promote their brands, and add a touch of flair to various occasions. These versatile mediums go beyond mere decoration; they grab attention, make a statement, and serve as beacons for important information.

The remarkable impact of custom banners and yard signs in the realm of business and event marketing highlights their many facets and the creative potential they offer. Whether you’re a business owner looking to enhance your visibility or an event planner aiming to captivate your audience, the world of custom vinyl banners and yard signs has something to offer everyone.

Why Our Customers Order Vinyl Banners and Signs in DeKalb County, TN

Promote Your Business in Smithville

In Smithville, TN, local businesses find a dynamic and cost-effective solution in custom vinyl banners and signs to promote their services and attract customers. These eye-catching displays act as beacons along the local landscape, drawing attention to storefronts, special promotions, and events.

The versatility of vinyl banners allows businesses to showcase their brand with vibrant graphics and essential information, effectively communicating their offerings to the community.

From grand openings to seasonal sales, vinyl banners and signs play a pivotal role in the marketing strategies of local establishments, contributing to the visual tapestry of Smithville's business district.

A business in Smithville, TN that got a banner from Bates Apparel
Lights at an event with banners from Bates Apparel in Smithville, TN

Special Occasions and Events

In the tight-knit community of Smithville, TN, vinyl signs and banners become cherished tools for residents celebrating special occasions and events.

Whether it's a birthday, graduation, or community gathering, these custom creations add a personalized touch to the festivities. Families and individuals leverage the versatility of vinyl to convey messages of joy, congratulations, and community spirit.

From welcoming a new addition to the family to cheering on local sports teams, the residents of Smithville find creative ways to express their unique personalities through the vibrant and impactful medium of vinyl signs and banners.

Supporting Sports Teams and Players They Love

Vinyl banners and signs have become more than just promotional tools; they've evolved into powerful expressions of support and pride.

In Smithville, TN, and beyond, customers often turn to custom vinyl banners and signs to rally behind their favorite sports teams and beloved players.

Whether it's proudly displaying a banner at a local sports event or showcasing a sign in their yard, these personalized creations become symbols of encouragement and community spirit. The vibrant colors, durable materials, and customizable designs of vinyl banners make them the perfect choice for expressing enthusiasm for sports teams and cheering on the young athletes who bring joy to the community.

A banner representing a local football player made by Bates Apparel in Smithville, TN

Why Choose Our Banner and Signage Services in Smithville, TN

  • Customization: Tailor banners and signs to fit individual preferences and event themes.
  • Quality Materials: Use durable, weather-resistant vinyl for long-lasting and vibrant displays.
  • Versatility: Accommodate various occasions, from birthdays to business promotions.
  • Local Connection: Understand the unique needs of Smithville residents and businesses.
  • Prompt Service: Deliver timely solutions, ensuring banners are ready for events and celebrations.
  • Affordable Pricing: Offer competitive rates without compromising on quality.
  • Professional Design: Provide expert design services to bring customers' visions to life.
  • Personal Touch: Work closely with clients to capture their style and messaging accurately.
  • Community Support: Contribute to local events and initiatives, fostering a sense of community.

Custom Leather Patches in Smithville, TN

When it comes to making a lasting impression, attention to detail matters. That’s where our exquisite leather patches come into play. Crafted with precision and infused with timeless elegance, these patches are more than just accessories; they’re statements of quality, authenticity, and style.

At Bates Apparel in Smithville, TN, we understand that every brand has a story to tell. Our leather patches are designed to help you narrate that story with sophistication.

Whether you’re a fashion designer adding a touch of luxury to your creations, a business owner seeking to leave a memorable mark on your products, or an individual with a penchant for personalized style, our leather patches are your canvas.

Why Our Customers Love Leather Patches in Smithville, TN

Business Logos in DeKalb County

Enhance your business's identity and create a distinctive brand presence with our custom leather patches. Perfect for adding a professional touch to uniforms, promotional merchandise, or corporate giveaways, our patches are crafted to showcase your logo or brand in an elegant and enduring way.

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, our custom leather patches serve as a powerful branding tool, helping your business stand out and leave a lasting impression on clients and customers.

Elevate your company's image with these versatile and customizable patches, designed to reinforce brand recognition and foster a sense of unity among your team.

A local sports team leather patch hat made by Bates Apparel in Smithville, TN

Show Off Their Team Pride

The perfect way for customers to showcase their allegiance and unity. Crafted with precision and designed to withstand the test of time, these patches add a touch of sophistication to team uniforms, jackets, hats, boots, and accessories.

Personalize your team's identity with high-quality leather patches that not only speak volumes about your camaraderie but also stand out with enduring style.

Join the league of satisfied customers who have transformed their team spirit into a tangible and lasting emblem with our custom leather patches.

Personal Branding in Smithville, TN

Make a lasting impression and enhance your personal brand with our custom leather patches. Whether you're a professional looking to add a touch of sophistication to your attire or an entrepreneur aiming to leave a memorable mark, our personalized leather patches are the perfect choice.

Crafted with precision and designed to reflect your unique identity, these patches can be added to bags, clothing, or accessories, allowing you to carry your personal brand wherever you go.

Elevate your style and make a statement with our high-quality custom leather patches, tailored to suit your individuality and leave a lasting impression on those you encounter.

A local client in Smithville, TN with a beanie that has a leather patch made by Bates Apparel.

What Customers in Smithville, TN Put Our Leather Patches On

A local business that got bamboo leather patch hats made by Bates Apparel to promote their business in Smithville, TN

Apparel: Elevate your clothing line with leather patches on jeans, jackets, hats, and more.

Bags and Accessories: Add a touch of luxury to handbags, wallets, and belts.

Footwear: Make a stylish statement with shoes and boots.

Home Goods: Customize leather patches for furniture, cushions, and home décor.

Branding: Leave an indelible mark on your business’s products, from wine bottles to promotional merchandise.

Why Choose Our Leather Patches in Smithville, TN

1. Unmatched Durability: Leather is renowned for its resilience, ensuring that your brand’s message stands the test of time.

2. Timeless Appeal: Leather possesses a classic charm that never goes out of style, making it a versatile choice for various products.

3. Endless Customization: From logos and insignias to text and graphics, our leather patches can be tailored to your exact specifications. They come in many different colors and styles as well.

4. Authenticity: Leather embodies authenticity and craftsmanship, reflecting positively on your brand.

Each leather patch is a testament to our commitment to quality. Crafted with genuine leather, every patch undergoes meticulous attention to detail, ensuring it meets your exact specifications. Whether you prefer a rustic, vintage look or a sleek, modern finish, we can accommodate your preferences.

Ready to make a statement that lasts? Explore the endless possibilities of leather patches with Bates Apparel. Contact us today to discuss your project, request a quote, or simply discover more about how our leather patches can elevate your brand. With every stitch, we’re weaving your story into a timeless tapestry of style and authenticity.

Things To Do in Smithville, TN

Nestled in the scenic hills of Tennessee, Smithville is a charming city known for its rich history, vibrant community, and picturesque landscapes. This quaint town boasts a welcoming atmosphere, where locals and visitors alike enjoy the warmth of Southern hospitality. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the region, Smithville provides a peaceful retreat and serves as a gateway to outdoor adventures. From exploring the historic downtown area to discovering the nearby scenic wonders, Smithville invites you to experience the best of Tennessee's small-town charm and natural splendor.

Customers waiting to feed goats at Harmony Lane Farm and Creamery in Smithville, TN
Boats in the harbor of Hidden Harbor Marina in Smithville, TN
Two kids painting at the Arts Garage located in Smithville, TN
Kids enjoying the swimming pool at Smithville Golf Club in Smithville, TN
Picture of the yard at the Central Bark Dog Park in Smithville, TN
Picture of the bar at Twisted Oaks in Dowelltown, TN which is right down the road from Smithville, TN
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